Episode 30: Proportional Responses

Hello Race Invaders. Hey, look – we’ve been at this for a year now. How the hell did that happen?

On today’s episode, Tim has three things he wants to get off his chest and tries to tie them all back to a central theme: Proportional Responses to Difficult Situations. Have we as a society lost track on how to do this? Has the Internet Hate Machine made us into monsters, or have we been monstrous all along? Where should lines be drawn?

Also, Tim talks about his experience going to a townhall where a discussion of Tommy Le’s slaying takes place. Rest in Power Tommy Le, you were taken way too early from us.



Episode 29: Lane Change


A discussion of staying in your lane, why it’s important and maybe why it’s not important. We’ll talk it out and come to some super satisfying conclusion, I’m sure. We speak about the Dunning Kruger effect. 

When are you talking out of your butt? Hint: if you’re being aggressive and defensive it’s a good time to take a time out.



Episode 28: A Modern Lynching




Hey everyone. When we spoke about this last week, we didn’t know that we were going to also have to read about a white guy running down a young Quinalt father. We didn’t know that a man with a history of white supremacy was going to stab and kill two men and injure another who were trying to protect two Muslim women in Portland.

We didn’t know. We should have been able to see that a pattern of violence emerges as summer approaches, but it always takes one’s breath away.

This episode, Episode 28, we’ll be talking about the ghastly murder of Richard Collins III, we reference Dave Zirin’s thought piece on why calling this a lynching is the right thing to do.

Rest in power, Richard Collins III, we can only hope that we can do better protecting our future leaders.

Episode 27: The Catch Up

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.02.24 AM


Heyyyyyyy Race Invaders, we’re back after taking naps. Today we, well, catch up with each other and ask each other five questions that were totally prepared and not at all spontaneous. Nope. Totally scripted.

I give Alok the 411 on Luna Lee and her awesome gayageum skills, update him about being in the Seattle Rock Orchestra and he fills me in on his experience with Re-Orient, a coming together of Asian Americans over food and conversation.

In the second half we discuss the story that everyone read regarding Eudocia Tomas Pulido, aka “Lola” and her slavery. Is there any validity to the point that our understanding of Filipino slavery is incomplete and unfair with our Western sensibilities? Listen and find out.

Episode 26: The Tao of Dao

Look at all these United Airlines seats that I’ll never sit in.


Hello Race Invaders, thanks for dropping by for Episode 26, which I cleverly named The Tao of Dao, in which of course we talk about the brutal conflation between corporate policy and state violence. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what happened, but we’re talking about it anyway.

In our second segment, Alok brings to attention our former Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy and how he was “made redundant” by our current administration. Unfair, and of questionable reasoning from the Administrative Branch of our government, I know it’s a shock that we both think so.

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Episode 25: The Iron Fist Episode


Hey Race Invaders, this week we team up with our friends over at All Comics Considered to trash talk, er, review Iron Fist. What does this show mean to comic book fans? What does it mean for Asian-Americans in Western Media (hint: nothing good).


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Episode 24: The Echo Chamber



Hey hey, what’s new Race Invaders? So we’re two Asian-American dudes with microphones, so we thought it was super important to let you know what we think about things. Today’s thing? The so-called Echo Chamber, what we think about it, why it’s important why it’s not important and when to recognize it.

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