Episode 33: Being an SJW the Generation X Way.


I’ll be honest Race Invaders, Episode 33 with Malcolm Gin was one of my favorite while Alok is on holiday. Why? Well for starters, the technology was in place: home studio, microphone, earphones were all perfect. I mean, Mal consulted me with doing a setup before hand and technically this conversation was flawless. Okay, but what about the content?

Mal was easy to talk to, and since we are from the same generation, there was an easy cadence to how we spoke. We speak about trans issues, because Mal was born intersexed and identifies as Trans. We talk about doing social justice work, and how age has made us more radical, not less. (Frankly Mal is further left than me, and I welcome being challenged).

At any rate, please enjoy this conversation. I did. -Tim


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