Episode 16: You Wrote the Show!


I’m calling this one “You Wrote the Show!”, because in this episode we take on a bunch of your questions and do our best to rapid-fire reply to them. We aren’t that rapid because the show is still 57 minutes long.

Shout out to everyone that asked questions, we really appreciate you!

You Wrote The Show Notes

Did Elvis culturally appropriate?

Re-revisiting cultural appropriation, AGAIN.

Shout out to Childish Gambino!

“Irish Slavery” and false equivalencies

We talk briefly on Vikings

We cover the mirroring of real world issues with our geeky hobbies.

What about holidays, how did we grow up being Asian and Christmas?

Unconscious/covert bias in pop culture training.  Society and pop culture trains people to have unconscious bias. 😀

I briefly mention The Superfriends as an example of an older time being a little more representative in popculture.

Religious exploitation of minority groups – we briefly touch on this and will go at length later.

Examine generational trends around racism and the recent election.

Fake Allies – what’s up?

War on Christmas?

Plug for SMC’s Silver & Soul

Black Santa? We’re fine with that dude.

Sean King’s Injustice Boycott

Who qualifies as white enough? Are Jews white or PoC?

Permalink to Episode 16: https://raceinvadersorg.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/riep16.m4a

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