Episode 15: The Economics of Racism


Hello Race Invaders – today’s episode is titled “The Economics of Racism”, and we’re talking about the historical and current economic realities that contribute to racism. What does trading bits of green paper have to do with racism? It turns out: a lot.

Show notes:

A shout out to Juan Pa on Twitter who can be found @jpbrammer and whom I quote at the top of the show.

I referenced Sean King’s essay at the New York Daily News, “Without Obama in the White House, the Democratic Party is Painfully and Disproportionately White”.

Alok spoke about Nick Hanauer’s essay, “The Pitchforks are Coming…For Us Plutocrats”, which I enjoyed reading a few years ago.

And last, and least Alok also spoke about Grover Norquist, the man responsible for much of how the GOP thinks on taxes.

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Permalink to episode: https://raceinvadersorg.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/riep15.m4a


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