Episode 14: Post-Election Depression


Hi Race Invaders,

After a little post-election break we’re back to talk to you through what happened on 11/9. We’re thinking about changing the format of the end of the show from “What the Shit” to “What the Shit Do We Do Now?”

We also answer listener question, “What do we do about problematic artists?” And therefore I talk about Rocky Horror Picture Show. They’re related, I promise!


project1460.org <–projects for you to do in the face of this new administration

whywereafraid.com <–user generated stories of rising hate crimes

http://shop.civilrightsmuseum.org/black-lives-matter-t-shirt/ <–Get a legit BLM tshirt

http://verysmartbrothas.com/  and http://theestablishment.co <–Get educated from reliable sources

We make a little fun of the safety pin, we talk about the whys on the election, and generally you can just hear us walking through what happened. We talk about our surprises, and why our trust levels are pretty shaky.

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