Episode Four: The Model Minority Myth


Welcome to Race Invaders, the Podcast that’s 5 star hot. Today we’ll be talking about The Model Minority Myth – where it came from, why it’s horseshit, and what if anything, we can do with it to make things better.

Tim talked briefly about Yuri Kochiyama, and promised a link to the piece he wrote about her.

Here’s a link to the pivotal court case that Alok spoke on – US vs. Bhagat Singh Thind.

A couple clarifications: there is an H-1B1 visa which is a type of skilled worker’s non-immigrant visa for residents of Singapore and Chile, but we meant to reference the more general H-1B dual intent non-immigrant visa and the E-1 through E-4 immigrant visas. Oops.

Also, the 1965 act in question is the Immigration and Nationality Act, not the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Oops.

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Tim: tim@raceinvaders.org

Alok: alok@raceinvaders.org

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