Episode Three: Interracial Dating


Thanks for tuning in to this, our third episode of Race Invaders! Today we’re going to jaw about interracial dating, what it looks like from the PoC perspective, and how to manage doing it without fetishizing folks.

Here’s the link for the OKCupid article that Tim spoke about.

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One thought on “Episode Three: Interracial Dating

  1. This was a great episode, and the personal stories were shocking and yet not at all surprising. Of all the excuses I expected to hear, being called her Sulu stunned me. I don’t even know how that works on any level, especially as Sulu is, you know, Japanese…

    But it brought to mind an instance I had with a co-worker who had recently gotten married.

    His wife is Fillipino, and he met her online and brought her over to Canada.

    He then offered to hook me up and his wife’s younger sister. The selling points were that said younger sister was 25 years old, liked white guys, was a virgin, and would take care of me.

    I told him no, and was weirded out and disgusted by his ‘offer.’

    And in listening to this episode talking about the hypersexualization of women of colour, it struck me that this co-worker wasn’t looking to introduce me to someone who he thought I could be friends, and maybe more, with, but selling me a product. He packaged up a human being with selling points and it was completely, utterly dehumanizing to her. I was straight, white, and male, and thus those points were good enough to try and sell her to me.

    It really speaks to the white privilege of how women of colour are just things to be used instead of people to be respected.


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