Episode Two: Toxic Masculinity

trigger warning: non-graphic descriptions of violence against women and male rage

Thanks for tuning in to our second episode of Race Invaders! This time around, we’re talking about toxic masculinity, growing up in a patriarchy that doesn’t accept you but still benefits you, the causes and effects of male rage, and why Lyft needs to get their shit together in a hurry.

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Permalink to episode: https://raceinvadersorg.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/riep2-1.m4a

One thought on “Episode Two: Toxic Masculinity

  1. Lot of meandering around the issue, not much substantitive discussion of the effects of toxic masculinity beyond “so yeah they’re dead now”.

    Whenever you guys got close to a serious point, someone would laugh and you’d move on to another topic.

    You may want to consider scripting things a bit more to focus on the point, and maybe don’t be so flippant about a man slaughtering his ex girlfriend.


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